If you plan on heading to Jakers next week you might have to change your plans. Fortunately, you can keep your Valentine's Day reservations if you plan on going there.

Starting February 17th Jakers Bar and Grill will be closed for maintenance to their kitchen. They are going to be closed until February 27th. They are hoping to be open for dinner that day.

The good news is, it is temporary and it is not going to hurt any of your Valentine's Day plans. Even if you plan on celebrating it on the weekend, you can still go to Jakers.

For 10 days you won't be able to go get yourself some delicious dragon tails or steak, but hey, they are going to open back up as quickly as they can. I am sure the regulars are pretty disappointed. As long as they definitely re-open their doors and the closure is not a permanent thing, it will be a quick week.

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