We all use mobile apps. Some apps we love, some apps we hate and some apps are so frustrating they can literally ruin your day.

That being said, here are my Top 10 Favorite Apps:

  1. Google Maps - It's consistent, cleanly designed, easy to navigate and can save a marriage on a road trip. That's as good as it gets.
  2. 957 KEZJ - This app keeps you informed on local school closures, weather, road closures, news reports and also has local stories that will make you laugh. The app makes staying in touch with your community easy! Plus, you can win stuff and listen to Southern Idaho's Best Country.
  3. Instagram - This app doesn't crash like other social media apps. It's mainly pictures and memes, no political crap. That's right no political crap! I love it! You stay in touch with your friends, you can follow hilarious people, and post pictures of your own cute family.
  4. Google - Let's face it we Google everything. The app is simple, clean and always works just like the Google site.
  5. Run Keeper - This is my replacement for all of your Fitbits, Garmins, Apple Watchs, etc. Run Keeper tracks your pace, your distance, your calories and more. It then compares each run to all of your other runs just like the fancy fitness watches do. The only difference is the app is FREE.
  6. Famous Footwear - If you are a parent you end up purchasing a lot of shoes. If you want to save money on these shoes you need this app. Our local Famous Footwear store is awesome about helping you navigate your way through the app. They will even ask if you have coupons on your app to use with your in-store purchase.
  7. My Net Diary - I don't use this app everyday but when I do it's a life saver. It will track everything you eat in a day,. The app breaks down each eaten food into food categories. At the end of each day it will track how much of each food group you need more of or less of.
  8. Amazon - I truly try to buy everything locally but when you go to 5 different stores looking for that one specific item and you still can't find it the Amazon App comes in handy. It's well designed and easy to use.
  9. Pinterest - This app saves me during football season. I can't just watch a game with my husband. I have to be watching and scrolling. I get quotes, recipes, mommy ideas and more from this app. I use the Pinterest app more that I use Pinterest on my desk top.
  10. YouTube - The best apps are the ones that work just like the website. The YouTube app does just that. My kids and I use this app when waiting at the dentist, in the car, etc.

What mobile app is your favorite?


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