No matter what business you get into, there will always be the potential for problems. Whether those problems include food quality, customer service, or perhaps the condition of your place of business... people will find any reason to pick at a local business.

The same rings true for strip clubs in the Treasure Valley. Here we have hardworking individuals who color within the lines in order to make evenings of struggling individuals that much more magical. Yet, there are people who will flock to Google Reviews and Yelp to leave their horrid strip club experience. We're talking about people who have had a bad enough of an experience to where they logged in or worse -- create a Yelp account just to leave a bad review of their time at a strip club.

To be fair, some of these reviews sound extremely warranted if not flat-out disgusting. Let's dive into the first rounds of people who've had their summer ruined by a strip club.

Hilarious Reviews of Boise Strip Clubs

We share some of the funniest reviews of strip clubs from right here in Boise!

If you thought those were terrible, you would be absolutely correct. I mean, just look at the person who left a review that said they came in for a good time and left with a child...they could only describe it as "disappointing." It could always be worse though, we found more reviews from people who had their summer ruined by a strip club. Poor Eddie said he found himself among "chicken asses." Sounds like hell.

More Hilarious Boise Strip Club Reviews We Can't Believe Are True

We found more hilarious strip club reviews from right here in Boise that you have to see to believe!

This makes me much more proud to say I've never been to a strip club and after seeing these reviews, I'm not sure that I would ever want to.

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