It doesn’t look nearly as bad as the picture of a trash dump, but the situation at Indian Springs in Twin Falls County is getting worse.  Much of the access the public currently experiences could be curtailed if things don’t improve.

On Friday morning during our gun show, a Sheriff’s Deputy dropped us a line and said some target shooters were engaging in very dangerous behavior.  They’re firing at lava rocks and ricochets are threatening homes and other people hiking, walking, or riding ATVs.  Some homes in the area have been struck by bullets.  One of our Gun Guys told us off-air that a bullet hole was found near a crib.

Try making an argument about your Second Amendment right after killing a baby.  You can share your complaints with the big fellow in state prison who takes a shine to you.

Being a dumbass is no excuse.

The other issue is the dumping of old appliances, sinks, and TV sets.  One member of the audience told us he filled the box of his truck with refuse and barely made a dent.

Some people bring the appliances for targets.  Other shooters may not be responsible for the dumping, but if you put a few rounds through an old washing machine, the impression is that you were the one breaking the rules.

While some of you take pride in being insufferable morons, everyone else is going to eventually pay the price because you’re self-absorbed.  Once you’re labeled the village idiot, it tends to stick.

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