I didn't believe this at first, I am not sure how I missed it the first time around but yes! It is normal for the Pacific Northwest to get random HUMAN FEET to wash up on their shores. WHAT?!

According to several reports, human feet have been randomly popping up for the last 10 years or so. In December of last year, the 13th foot had washed up. 13! And it's NORMAL! It pretty much happens everywhere along the Columbia River, several reports in Canada.

The explanation is that thousands of people have died in the river, eventually the body decomposes and if the person was wearing a shoe that floats, it will wash up on shore. NO THANK YOU! This is my worst nightmare!

That's ok though, because authorities say if one washes ashore, give them a call and don't carry it home or pick it up by hand. Not sure why that has to be said, but good advice.

This may be one of the strangest things I have ever read.

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