One of the biggest complaints that we hear from locals is how bad traffic is on roads like Blue Lakes and Addison, especially during "rush hour" times. But, people not from the area tend to dismiss it, saying there is no traffic problem.

Sure in larger cities, there are major traffic issues, during rush hour, events, random Saturday. That doesn't exclude Twin Falls from having problems of their own.

If there is an accident on the Perrine Bridge and you have to get to Jerome, better be ready for a long wait. Same with the Hanson Bridge; it's best to avoid it, unfortunately that is sometimes impossible.

Blue Lakes has a steady amount of traffic pretty much constantly. If you have to make a left hand turn out of the Castle Corner convenience store parking lot, good luck. It's best to just turn right and make a loop.

So while Twin Falls does not have highway traffic problems, they have problems of their own. So, it is best if you are from out of town, don't disagree, but understand the traffic is a different kind of problem.

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