Idaho's holiday flare is apparent in just about any town or city you pass through. Having spent a number of years living in Twin Falls, I've personally seen how much people take delight in bright, colorful decorations.

Boise may be the capital of Idaho, but another city located just 27 miles west might just have enough Christmas spirit to crown them the Gem State's foremost prideful populous. That city would be Caldwell.

I know a guy who was born in Caldwell. It's a city of roughly 55,000, and can be found in Canyon County. When the holidays would approach, he'd always bring up how incredible the city's Christmas spirit is. He would swear that of all the places he's visited in Idaho, Caldwell is the king of Christmas flare.

I have never taken the 150-mile drive northwest from Twin Falls to Caldwell, but I did come across a very recent YouTube video that appears to back what my friend has been saying for all these years. The three-minute clip is extraordinarily beautiful and left me wanting to jump in my truck and head out there.

A section of Caldwell's downtown known as Indian Creek is said to be adorned with "a million lights," and the added holiday decorations make it an incredible experience to behold. The annual Winter Wonderland is indeed a sight to see.

I'm not trying to take anything away from Twin Falls, but Caldwell's lights and ice skating rink look like something out of a Hallmark movie.

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