There are a lot of Christmas movies with outstanding and memorable characters, but not many have a full cast of memorable people. Home Alone has Kevin and Elf Has Buddy and Jovie and a lot of others have Santa played by various characters. But not many movies have a full cast like Christmas Vacation or A Christmas Story where every character is memorable. It's probably safe to say that the leg lamp is more memorable than many actual Christmas movie characters.

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Christmas Vacation Characters As Southern Idaho Cities

I just watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and, since there is such a variety of different characters, after watching it I decided to compare each star to a Southern Idaho city. Just like in the movie, we aren't all winners but we all have some redeeming qualities and quirks that make us special. Check out the gallery below to see which city gets cast as each member of the extended Griswold family. You'll especially want to see who we dubbed to be Cousin Eddie.

Twin Falls As Christmas Vacation Characters

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