Whenever you try to get a personalized vanity plate for your vehicle you need to send your idea in and get them approved by the DMV. Idaho had some doozies that they tried to sneak through last year. We decided to compile some of the best, but warning, some are a little vulgar.

Apparently Idaho really likes poop jokes, 4 different attempts were denies; PO0PS, P0OPS, P00PS, POOPS

HATER: Not sure what is really wrong with that, everyone has haters.

It is also apparently not allowed to get Instagram handles, 22ATA3I was denied as well.

Ok, this one is hilarious: NKNFUTZ

I also think this one is hilarious: DOOODIE but that might be because I am a child

Others like DAMMIT, BRONCHO and BOOBARU are all kind of plays on words

WARNING: Any further is at viewer discretion:

Now one that I wish could have been allowed: FCKCNCR

DRGLRD - well then

OOSHTT I feel like that is appropriate for 2020, 2021 is yet to be seen

1BADA55 - that one seems pretty harmless

OMWTFYM - this one has been rejected several years in a row now. Probably should stop trying

Same with OMWTFYW


DPORTEM - that is a strong statement to put on a vehicle license plate

MYWOODY - ok I am apparently not the only child in the area

IDAHOMO - admittedly this one took me a little longer to get than I care to admit. Still not cool.

If you want a full list of more that were denied, some of which I could not share with you for obvious reasons, you can click here.

It makes me wonder what kind of craziness would be on some people's vehicle if there wasn't some red tape preventing us from being "naughty".

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