If you enjoy searching for rare or unique stones in the great outdoors, you made a wise move settling in the Gem State. Idaho is ripe with dozens of precious and non-precious stones, from star garnets and amethyst to jasper and geodes.

For collectors of unique rocks and minerals, Idaho has them in abundance from the Magic Valley to the tip-top of the panhandle. A great deal of Idaho land is owned by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and forest service, and rockhounding is a perfectly legal hobby throughout the state. Private land, or territories known to possess Native American artifacts such as arrowheads, are the exception.

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Geodes are one of the most desirable and universally collected rocks. The combination of minerals and crystals found within them produces some of the most visually impressive results, and they are known to fetch a pretty penny at stone shops. The banks that line an area known as the Big Lost River in southeastern Idaho are supposed to be prime hunting grounds for geodes of all types, according to rockhoundresource.com.

There are numerous types of geodes, and they are most commonly found in areas where volcanic rock and limestone are abundant. The Big Lost River is approximately 140 miles northeast of Twin Falls and within close proximity to the city of Arco.

Please remember to research the area you plan to rock hunt at prior to arrival to make sure it's not prohibited.

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