16 years ago, the Idaho Lottery had a notion to start their own little raffle. With a 250,000 ticket limit, a $10 buy-in is pretty good odds. Since its inception, the $1 Million Raffle has sold out 15 times, twice before Thanksgiving.

The Idaho Lottery thought people may want a bigger chance at a million bucks, so they did something about it. Now there will be 2 grand prizes of $1 million for the raffle, and 450,000 tickets sold. That’s less than double the tickets. That means better odds at a million from the Idaho Lottery this year. Overall odds of winning something from the raffle is 1 in 25.

When is the Best Time to Buy a $1 Million Idaho Raffle Ticket?

Considering how quickly tickets sell out, buying early is a good idea. There’s an added incentive to buy in the first 15 days. The Idaho Lottery is giving away $1,000 each day from the beginning sale date on October 21st through November 4th. That doesn’t negate the chance at $1 million, it’s just a bonus.

On top of the early bird prize, every 25,000th ticket will win $1,000. When a number on the 25,000 comes up, you know it was worth the $10. #025000, 050000, 075000, through #450000 will automatically win $1000 and still be eligible for prizes in the raffle draw.

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The drawing is expected to be on December 27th this year. Calling the number before Christmas kind of defeats the purpose of giving a ticket as a gift. Don’t wait until the last minute, even with the additional tickets, an additional $1 million prize and better odds to win it will be sure to have another sellout this year.

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