Idaho is obviously known for their abundance of potatoes. I have friends even call this place potato land. Well, these dishes are great on their own but if you add an Idaho potato to them and add "Idaho" to the name, these dishes are even better.

I love Idaho food. I have always loved potatoes and Idaho potatoes are definitely the best kind of potatoes. All of them. So, try these dishes with Idaho potatoes and it is even better.

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    Idaho Nachos

    They are one of my favorite things to eat at the fair. It is exactly like regular nachos only instead of tortilla chips you make french fries as the base. My favorite are waffle fries because they are so similar in size to chips.

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    Idaho Cubano

    This sandwich is made at Anchor Bistro & Bar in Twin Falls. It has ham and pulled pork on it and it is a panini pressed hoagie. Add their famous rosemary garlic fries there you have it. The best sandwich

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    Idaho Potato Ice Cream

    This one technically you don't add potatoes too, instead, you make the ice cream LOOK like an Idaho potato. They look pretty amazing.

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    Idaho Tater Pig

    Another classic at the fair. It is a baked potato, so already off to a good start. Add the word Idaho to it and it becomes a baked potato stuffed with sausage, cheese and so much goodness.

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    Idaho Trout/Sturgeon

    Idaho is also known for having a large supply of caviar, trout and sturgeon. You make sure it is "Idaho" fish and caviar it is bound to be delicious. Add an Idaho potato as a side and it is even better.

  • 6

    Idaho Potato Cakes

    No, it isn't a birthday cake made out of potatoes. Well, I guess it depends on what you want for your birthday. They are delicious cakes made out of mashed Idaho potatoes and fried into a delicious pancake.

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