You're going to thank me for sharing this. I came across this Idaho song thanks to a clip from Jimmy Fallon where he plays songs that you should never have to listen to, he calls it the Do Not Playlist. The song is called Up In Idaho by a very white reggae artist named Tony Williams. rather than try to explain the video and song, I'll just leave it right here and you can check it out, then we'll talk after:

Is Up In Idaho A Joke Song?

As much as I want to make fun of the song, I actually listened to the whole thing. How could I not? When you are halfway through a song and the singer says 'Songs so nice, gotta play it twice' and literally just repeats the first half of the song again, how can you not be hooked?

So, I didn't hate the song but if you break down the lyrics it really would have made a most excellent country song. He includes a party at the lake, hunting, his truck, and the fact that he couldn't stand being in California and had to move to the country. Yeehaw!

Tony Williams Is A Legit Reggae Artist

There are other issues with the song (maybe too many to address) but one that I had to check on is whether the reggae community was accepting of Tony Williams. Plot twist: he's legit. He was featured on a Jamaican music show back in 2009.

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