Thankfully, the disease has not been found in free-ranging animals in Idaho, but if you went hunting in Wyoming, Utah or Colorado you should check your meat.

According to the CDC, the disease has been found in 24 states including Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. The disease affecting the brain and spinal cord are being found in deer, elk, and moose. Signs and symptoms of the disease in the animal include emaciation because they forget to eat, excessive drooling, drooping ears, lack of fear of people and of course aggression.  It sounds like something straight out of a horror movie to me.

They did say they are not sure if it can be transmitted to humans but there are signs that it can be transmitted to other animals, including primates. That is just wonderful news. They are comparing it to a sort of mad cow disease situation. They are anticipating that there will be more infected in the coming months. Be careful, test your meat.

As for me, I don't plan on going hunting in any of those states any time soon. Be careful.

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