Not every person living in the Gem State is content and well-adjusted. Here in Idaho, we have crime just like anywhere else. But is there as much as other states? Sure, there is less total crime simply because of a smaller population, but if you look at the rate, what do the numbers work out to?

How Did Idaho Find Itself in the Lowest Crime Rate Top 10?

With 49 states providing information about personal crime to the FBI (Florida did not participate), everything gets squished together into a compact and absorbable report. We can review crimes against persons and see how the State of Idaho fares compared to others in this great union of ours.

The most common crime committed against people is assault at 91%. Figure that some assaults could be two slightly inebriated people at a bar throwing a couple of punches, not all assaults are the same. Sex offenses are next highest on the list followed by kidnapping or abduction then homicide and finally human trafficking.

Idaho manages to stay off the top 10 list of states for many negative statistics in violent crimes per 10,000 people.

Credit Innerbody
Credit Innerbody

Idaho scores in the top 10 for lowest crime score, or is that the bottom 10? Of course, a higher populated state would have more crime, but per capita, Idaho still manages to be a safer choice. New Mexico has hardly any people and they have the 2nd highest crime score.

If assault is disregarded in this list but all other personal crime is included, then Idaho falls off the safest list. But, if homicide and assault are together and everything else disregarded, Idaho jumps back to the top 10 safest again. Make sure you lock yourself in a panic room from midnight to 12:59 AM. That seems to me when most offenses happen.

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Evidently, if you want to be safest from personal crime, you have to move to New Jersey. But, the downside to that is you would have to live in New Jersey. Best to press on right where we are.

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