Moving to a new address can be a stressful and time-consuming mess. Trying to remember all the places that need to be notified after a move is nearly impossible. Many things like bills can go through email, but to make a move official, the government has to be updated as well.

It used to be simpler to change an address. A person would go to the post office, fill out a form, and be done. When the online process became available, it was almost the same as walking into the post office.

Because some people have criminal intent, the rest of the world has to pay. Now the process has become a juggernaut of epic proportions just to have mail forwarded. It may be easier to contact any person or business who has ever had your address or will want to ever send you correspondence rather than try to change it with the United States Postal Service.

How to Change Your Address Through the USPS New and Improved Version

You can change your address in person free of charge at a post office with proof of identity. While this may be the simplest solution, not everyone has the time or transportation to make it to the post office during business hours. There is an online option available.

To complete online, you need a credit or debit card and a phone number. It will cost $1.10 to verify your identity and the billing address on the card has to match the old or new address (no prepaid cards or gift cards). If you like to live without a mobile phone or credit cards, go in person. If the online process fails because online stuff is not always the most reliable, you have to go in person.

Basically, to avoid frustration, you should go in person. Stupid criminals.

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