I’ve only lived in this great state for a year and a half, but there’s one thing I can’t seem to get the hang of; I keep mispronouncing Boise. Let that one sink in for a minute. That’s right, I’m one of those awful transplants that can’t get names right. I’ve been corrected many times by several different Idahoans; “Dude, it’s Boy-Sea not Boy-Zee!”

When it comes to butchering city names, I’m not alone; Our friends at Thrillist recently put out a list of U.S. cities that we’re all getting wrong, Boise being the most glaringly obvious example. Some other good ones on the list include the correct ways to say Helena, Spokane, and Sequim. (but honestly, who knows how to say that last one?)

This subject is nothing new to us here, as Brad covered plenty of mispronounced businesses in this video just a few months ago.

My home state of Colorado is also on the list, which I find absolutely infuriating. Seriously, who says it CALL-uh-ROD-o? Now that I think about it, I bet this is how my BOY-ZEE friends feel. I get it now.

Take a look at the full list, and let us know which ones you agree with and which ones they may have missed.

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