Yesterday I lived out my firefighter dreams by rescuing a small gray kitten that was stuck high in a tree. The kitten, who I've taken to calling "Shadow" because of its beautiful smoky gray fur, had actually started to go hoarse from crying so much.

When I arrived home yesterday at about 5:45 I swore I could hear a tiny kitten meowing somewhere. I didn't pay it much mind because all of our neighbors have dogs and cats. I imagined it was just a kitty nearby that was unhappy about being outside in the cold and rain.

A while later I took my son Jack outside to see if it was snowing yet, and I heard the kitten meowing again. This time I looked around a little but couldn't locate the cat. I was starting to get a little concerned because the cat's meow was starting to become hoarse. Unfortunately the cat stopped crying and I couldn't find it.

Then, right before bed at about 11:30, my wife and I stepped outside for a cigarette on the front porch and I heard the kitten crying again. It was cold, about 38 degrees, raining, and getting really late. I was really worried about the kitten. I had to find it.

Wearing only my jammies, robe, and slippers, I was determined to track down the kitten. My fear was that I would find it on the road, the victim of a hit and run. Following the cries into my neighbor's yard, I wandered toward a huge oak tree. My slippers were soaked, but I knew I was getting closer.

Then I looked up.

This little solid gray kitten was way the heck up the tree staring down at me with pretty green eyes. There was no way for the kitten to get down from the tree. I'm almost six feet tall and I couldn't reach the bottom branches with my arm outstretched. I had to get my ladder.

Running back to my house, I had to go into the backyard and to the shed to get the ladder. I managed to trip over my robe and almost do a faceplant in cold, wet grass. Rushing back with my ladder, I had to extend it all the way to reach where the kitten was, and it was still above me when I climbed to the top.

The little gray kitten cried and came right to me. I managed to pick it up carefully and hold it to my chest. I was worried that it would freak out and claw my face off, but instead it held on to me and started to purr. It knew it was safe.

Once down we took Shadow inside and made sure it had kitten chow and water. It devoured a whole bowl in no time flat. It let my family pet it gently, and then retired under the couch for a nap.

I rescued a kitten from a tree last night. It made me feel like a hero, and I'm so glad the kitten is okay and safe. Now to see if we can find where this lucky little cat belongs.

This is Jack's kitten "Fuzz." She was not pleased with me bringing a new cat home., Terry Morgan
This is Jack's kitten "Fuzz." She was not pleased with me bringing a new cat home., Terry Morgan

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