Family hikes are met with mixed emotions in our home. There are groans and sighs from husbands and teenagers and glee and excitement from moms and kids. Sometimes a little carrot must be dangled to entice the him-haw people to join the trek.

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Perhaps try an outing that isn’t to a desert or covered in sun-heated lava rocks. A chance for some shade on a summer day should be a draw. An easy hike to a tree that has lived 3 millennia could be a great opportunity for dad jokes, teen selfies, and kids on bug searches with a picnic possibility for the family on the side.

Where is Idaho's Oldest Living Tree and How Big is It?

The Giant Cedar Grove holds a special member in its midst. Along the Giant Red Cedar National Recreation Trail, lies The ‘Champion Tree of Idaho’. Imagine how many people it would take to hold hands to wrap around a tree 18 feet in diameter. It would take more than the 4 in our family to embrace it. The tree stretches 177 feet tall. To imagine how that looks, think of taking the stairs up an 11-story building and then looking down.

Granted, this particular tree is too far away to go see for a short day trip. It is nestled in the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest in the panhandle of Idaho. Staying overnight isn’t going to be too much of a debate since we can stay in Elk River nearby. Then, there’s always Dworshak Reservoir or Spring Valley Reservoir to visit on the trip as well.

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