How often do you change your password? Honestly, I don't change mine nearly enough and I've paid for it. I've had my several of my accounts compromised before I learned my lesson.

But the lesson a former writer for the technology site learned yesterday was much more severe, and makes a cautionary tale for all of us.

Yesterday Mat Honan had a very bad day. The password to his Apple iCloud account was hacked, and then everything that could go wrong did.

With access to Honan's iCloud, the hacker gained access to Honan's Twitter account, Gizmodo's Twitter account (with over 400,000 followers), Gmail account, and finally the Find My iPhone app which the hacker used to completely wipe Honan's iPhone, iPad, and MacBook.

Everything (documents, data, video, and family pics) was gone in less than two hours all because one password was hacked.

And it happens every day. My Yahoo! password was stolen a few months ago and that compromised my Gmail account, my bank account, and my personal and the station's Facebook page. It can happen at any time.

So maybe it's time to check your passwords and make sure that your digital house is truly secure. Here's a great InfoGraphic from that has a ton of valuable password tips.