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Passwords can be tricky. You need to have a password for everything and you need to remember your passwords so choosing one can be difficult.

Google just released the results of a study on the most hackable passwords.  Here's their list of the 10 worst things to use for a password:

1.  The names of your pets.

2.  Important dates, like wedding anniversaries. 

3.  A family member's birthday.

4.  Your child's name. 

5.  Another family member's name.

6.  Your hometown. 

7.  Your favorite holiday.

8.  Something related to your favorite sports team. 

9.  Your significant other's name.

10.  The word "password."

The study also found about HALF of people have told other people their passwords . . . and 3% leave their passwords written on a post-it note on their desk.  ()