There never seems to be enough time in a busy day. There’s the time you need to get ready for work and get the kids ready for school. Time at work flies by and projects need to get done. There is not enough time to go to the store after work before dinner needs to be served. The clock runs ever shorter after dinner, with homework help and wrap-up housework to do before it’s time for bed and then start the cycle again.

All those things happen in life without additional complications. Now, couple that with caring for a loved one in hospice. All the chores and activities get pushed aside to care for someone in hospice. How do those things get taken care of? Quite often, they don’t.

How Can Volunteers Help Hospice Caregivers in the Magic Valley?

St. Luke’s is looking for compassionate volunteers to give caregivers what they most desperately need, time. By volunteering to sit in with hospice patients, you can give caregivers time to themselves for a haircut, or a chance to go to church. Hospice helpers allow caregivers to run errands that have been shelved, spend time on a walk, go to lunch, or even have an opportunity to relax and nap.

Volunteered time may consist of helping to write letters, make journal entries, or record memories. Hospice volunteers may sit and comment on a program as the patient watches, listen to music, or play games with the patient. Some volunteers may choose to help with light housekeeping like laundry or gardening.

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There are no required minimum monthly hours to serve, but a year of service is ideal for St. Luke’s to be able to help their most deserving clients and their caregivers. There is an interview, background check, and TB test that need to be completed along with extensive training. St. Luke’s can be contacted at (208) 381-2789 or can submit an online application.

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