With every Holiday season comes the question about whether or not you should tip a little extra for Christmas. 

Most "experts" seem to agree that it depends on how well you know the person and whether or not you feel that giving them a gift is appropriate.  If you look at the long list of people who provide a service for you, I can imagine that you'd go broke very quickly if you gave everyone a tip.

The website manorsmentor.com has a very extensive guide to holiday tipping.  Here are some of the highlights.

Nannies/Babysitters-  About what you  would pay them for one night's care. They say that a small gift from your child is also cool..

House-cleaner- the equivalent of one cleaning

Mail Carrier- They suggest a gift, valued about $20.  And I didn't know this but apparently the post office frowns on their associates taking cash gifts or any gift valued over $20.

Lawn Care Worker  20$ for each person on the crew.

Regular Delivery Persons (dry cleaning, UPS, newspaper, etc.)- $20

Trash Collectors  $20

Hairdresser/ Nail tech-  tip should be about the amount you spend at one visit.

Teachers - Consider pooling your resources with other parents to get them a gift card or spring for dinner. Otherwise, homemade treats from the kids are a nice gesture.

You can find the comprehensive list, including what to tip fitness trainer, masseuse or teacher at mannersmentor.com

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