'Tis the season for giving, yet there is still need and many go without, despite our many gracious acts of charity in Idaho. Poverty or even temporary need can happen to anyone and it seems pretty prevalent during this pandemic. We just finished up the 60 Hours to Fight Hunger event and gathered hundreds of turkeys to give to Magic Valley families. Some take advantage of these opportunity to receive help, as they should if you are in need. Others are strong-willed or too proud to ask and take donations when offered or available. I've seen instances where people in need have been more willing to give some of the little than have rather than take charity from others. It shouldn't be that way. If you are struggling in any way you should seek and take the help that is available to you.

You may not even be struggling right now, things may be great in your life. And this isn't to sound pessimistic, but you should still use opportunities to make your life easier when they come along. One of those opportunities is now thanks to a deal from Walmart. To cash in on getting your meal for free, or at least discounted, you do have to jump through a few technology hoops. You need to either add the ibotta extension to your browser or download the ibotta app from your app store. Create an account and link it to your Walmart account (you'll have to create one if you don't already) and then you'll be able to see the available deals.

Free Thanksgiving Meal From Walmart

I wasn't able to see the deals on my computer but they all popped up when I did the process on my phone. Some of the deals have expired, or enough people have participated to fulfill a set amount, but there are still deals to get free food or deeply discounted. Even if you aren't struggling right now, you can participate with no questions asked. You deserve it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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