Food is just as much a part of the Super Bowl as the Big Game itself. We did some number crunching and figured out how much Twin Falls will pay for party food this year.

We took the national averages from our friends at WalltHub and a recent Nielsen study, factored in the population of Twin Falls, and compared local prices to come up with our estimates.  Here's how much Twin Falls will spend on Big Game food this year.

    • Wings: 184,992 wings. At .62 per wing that's $114,695.04
    • Hot Dogs: (Meat Snacks): $14,889.60
    • Guacamole: 1203.2 pounds or about $4,042.71
    • Nacho Chips: 2.1 Tons or $33,840 in chips
    • Meat Platters: $3459.20
    • Veggie Trays: $1955.20
    • Deli Sandwiches: $8723.20
    • Beer: $180,480
    • Wine: $89,337

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