My parents had an interesting work and home schedule. Dad worked overnights for most of my childhood while Mom worked early mornings. With opposing work schedules, for years our family made it a habit to bring everyone together at dinnertime. It was an imperfect schedule, to be sure.

I have worked in radio since I was 15 yrs old. In the beginning, it was overnights. I paid my dues with a split shift for a year. I had many years of 8-5. Right now it is early morning. After the psychotic break from weird work hours, experience has taught me this: a healthy routine will contribute to a healthy work and home life.

7 Daily Habits to Help Idahoans Feel Better

  1. Plan for sleep. 7-8 hours is most advisable, but the most important is consistency.
  2. Snooze button is bad. Instead of hitting the button 4 times, give yourself that time of actual sleep. 1st alarm is the best idea. If it feels impossible, see item 1.
  3. Sufficient time to get ready. Be realistic about how long it takes to prep for work. Rushing causes stress. If this seems crazy, see steps 1 and 2.
  4. Make your Bed. Mostly it prevents from crawling back in but tidies up the brain as well as the room. If this feels like too much, consult steps 1 through 3.
  5. Drink water. A glass of water before anything else in your system is a great habit for hydration happiness.
  6. Breakfast should be healthy. No matter the time of day the breakfast comes, good protein helps direct the rest of the workday.
  7. Exercise regularly. Set a time to make it happen. This should include positive affirmation and meditation. Yoga checks all the boxes and even 20 minutes does wonders, but again, find what works for you so you can stick to it.

Needless to say, setting a healthy personal schedule is vital. Whether the work schedule is early morning, overnights, or split shift, a routine is important for the biological clock. Don’t let the 8-5 bullies control your self-care. Your good habits are just as important as the cushy schedule they keep, regardless of the time of day. The routine is the bottom line.

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I know I pick on the 8-5ers too much. Getting appointments or errands done on that particular work schedule is quite the challenge for those poor unfortunate souls. Most everyone else is only open during that time too.

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