We all have disgusting habits that we try to hide or wish we didn't have. It can be simple things like picking your nose, plucking your eyebrows, or twirling your hair. We all have them, and trying to stop these habits is hard. Some of them we are aware of and want to stop but can't, while others are ones we do and don't even realize we are until someone brings them to our attention. They have become a part of who we are and our routine, but one habit that many Idahoans have could be harming them, and stopping this habit isn't easy.

Biting Your Nails in Idaho

Credit: Sander Sammy on Unsplash
Credit: Sander Sammy on Unsplash

One of the most common habits that people have in Idaho, and across the world for that matter, is biting their nails. It may not seem like a big deal, but it is more than you think. The sound can drive people nuts, the sight can disgust people, and it is a habit that many do without even thinking twice about or realizing they do it. The reasons can all be different. Some chew their nails because they are stressed, some do it to cut them without using a nail clipper, and some do it because they enjoy it. According to one source, the most common reasons people bite their nails are because they are impatient, stressed, or frustrated. With nervousness and anxiety being popular reasons as well. Some people chew without removing the nail, some spit it out, and others choose to swallow the nail. With all of these fingernails in people's mouths, can this habit harm nail biters? 

Is Biting Your Nails Harmless?

Credit: SIphotography
Credit: SIphotography

While it won't likely kill you, biting your nails does have consequences. With so much bacteria on our hands and fingers, by putting them in your mouth you are welcoming diseases into your body. If you are someone that swallows your nails, you are at a higher risk of stomach infections and intestinal infections. In terms of biting your nails, it is bad for your teeth and can slowly chip them and misalign your teeth. It can cause jaw pain over time and tissue damage in your mouth. It can cause damage to your fingers, nails, and cuticles. 

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Identifying the habit and wanting to stop are the first steps in no longer biting your nails. If you are swallowing them, that needs to end as soon as possible. If you are a chewer, click on the links above to find out how you can stop this annoying and disgusting habit. It won't be easy, but if you are committed and want to stop, you can. Stop harming your body, and quit chewing on your nails today.

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