The internet is home to all the information you want. There are studies on all topics that contradict the outcomes of other studies. So, normally we just focus on the ones that tell us how great Idaho is. Last week there were stories about Idaho being among the best states in the nation for jobs and the best state for homeowners. But all is not rainbows in the land of studies because a new one says Idaho is terrible for working dads.

Source: WalletHub

At WalletHub they are always sending out the results of studies using their special methodology of stats from online sources. WalletHub is how we learned that Idaho is mediocre when it comes to being a good place to work. Now, they say that we are beyond mediocre for working dads. We actually rank in the bottom 10 on their list. The reasoning is mainly, and not surprisingly, due to us ranking dead last in the Child Care category and 39th in the Social and Economic Well-Being results.

But remember, the study from last week had similar findings and that despite the low ranks in a few categories we are still happy at work with our long hours and low pay. That's according to the study - you may personally disagree with those finding though.

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