Happy 75th birthday to Smokey (the) Bear! But, now my mind is blown. Growing up did you call him Smokey Bear or Smokey THE Bear? According to the Bureau of Land Management and his own Facebook page apparently I have been wrong my entire life.

No disrespect meant Mr. Bear. His official name is Smokey Bear, not Smokey The Bear. He should know, he is celebrating his 75th birthday and I feel terrible that his entire life he has been called the wrong thing by lots of people. I know everyone I know calls him Smokey the Bear. You know, only you can prevent wild fires.

So I have to know, is it a cultural thing? Is it regional? Is it just us weird people who grew up in Nevada? Help me out! What do you call him?


Now, I feel like my entire childhood was a lie. I did find Smokey's Facebook page to be entertaining. He shared his favorite s'mores birthday cake that you may want to enjoy yourself to help him celebrate. It does look pretty good.

And of course, he is making sure that everyone as they head out this weekend, to make sure they put out all their fires whether "they are as big as a campfire or as small as a birthday cake".

You can also give Smokey a shout out happy birthday on social media and tag him! Like I said, he is cool enough to have his own Facebook page and followers.

Still going to be Smokey THE bear to me.

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