Guppies Hot Rod Grille has been remodeling their new home in Kimberly for months now. The good news is they are getting ridiculously close to opening. The bad news is, well, it isn't open right this second.

According to Aaron Gupton, the owner of the restaurant, they are hoping to be done with construction and remodeling by July 7th. That is so close! Now obviously who knows what could go wrong with the construction. After the construction and remodel is complete that is when they are going to get all the decor and furniture in there and start getting their servers and cooks up to par. They need some practice.

The really good news is that the menu is going to be upgraded! They are still going to have local favorites but they are adding options like gluten-free options and lettuce wrap tacos.

Another perk, they are going to be able to serve cocktails. They are whipping up a cocktail menu with a hot rod theme.

Their new location is on Main Street in Kimberly. The original restaurant on Main Street in Twin Falls burnt down last year. Who else is crazy excited for their reopening?

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