It has been over a year since Guppies burnt down in Downtown Twin Falls. Since that day everything has been kind of up in the air. Thankfully we aren't going to lose that delicious food. They will officially be opening up August 28th for breakfast.

The restaurant said they will be opening August 28th for breakfast for now. They will doing breakfast for the first week or so as they get ready for the full blown rush that is bound to happen when they open for lunch and dinner as well. However, they will continue to offer breakfast every day of the week. Just keep looking back to figure out exactly when they are going to expand to lunch and dinner. As of right now they are going to open at 7 a.m.

Their new location is in Kimberly on Main Street there. Admittedly we are going to miss them in Downtown Twin Falls but thankfully Kimberly is still pretty close. They did upgrade and update their menu. Although we don't have a list of everything they are going to serve, Aaron Gupton, owner of the restaurant, does say you should try the General Lee or Posi-trac. No idea what those are but I am curious.

They also did say that they will be open Wednesday August 28th until "the gas runs out". I am not sure if that means when they finally die down, when they run out of food or when they just can't handle being on their feet any longer.

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