Their method of overtaking an area, appearing to be simple plants struggling to survive in rocky dry areas is a ruse. Their happy little flowers indicate a dangerous process has begun. After the flowers come the seeds of pure evil and the cycle has been allowed to complete. Beware, the Goathead.

Credit Kara Kelly
Credit Kara Kelly

Giving this plant a fancy name like Tribulus Terrestris disguises the true evil of its existence. Do not be swayed by its multi-syllabic treachery. It is an INVASIVE species and must be eradicated from the continent forthwith.

How Did Goatheads Invade the Gem State?

Somehow sneaking onto shipping containers, or on the shoes of unsuspecting sailors, the ‘puncture vine’ found its way from southern Eurasia and Africa to inflict its damaging intent upon an innocent and naive North America.

What Native Plants Could Replace the Goathead in Idaho?

Goatheads have no irreplaceable spot in the life cycle of the planet. Just like the wasp has other insects that can do whatever it is they do, there are other plants that can do what goat heads do, and with far less malevolence.

What about dandelions? They provide little flowers that bees like and animals eat, even if lawn keepers hate them. Dandelions don’t exhibit contempt for every living thing around them by overtaking an area, crowding out other plants, and producing damaging seeds that inflict pain and suffering among warm-blooded creatures unlucky enough to come into contact with them.

While many parents would love to have goathead weeds under the windows of teenagers prone to sneaking out of their rooms at night, perhaps a species of prickly pear cactus will do better. Plus, prickly pear bears fruit. Perhaps these escape artists can better spend time and energy making prickly pear jam. Goatheads don’t have fruit, they have demon seeds that are worse than stepping on Legos at night.

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So, there are 2 things living on planet Earth that need not live here any longer; wasps and goatheads. More may be added, but the approval process is extensive.

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