If you're looking for a different home building idea, it doesn't get much more "different" than this. A dude in Washington state decided he wanted to build a tiny house that looks like the lunar lander. He succeeded in a big (but tiny) way.

This guy is Kurt Hughes. He builds catamarans as a trade, but had a great idea on what he might be able to with a tiny house. It's obvious he also wanted to be an astronaut at some point.

This isn't Kurt's primary home, but just a proof of concept and what a concept it is. He created a 3D model which is no small feat in itself to see how this might work out. He even made the windows that famous triangle shape that the original NASA lunar lander had.

Kurt did such an amazing job with his lunar lander tiny house creation even Architectural Digest took notice and created a video of his work.

If this idea tickles your fancy as something you'd like to attempt, Kurt has included schematics on his website with more details of his building materials. The fact that his tiny house is also fireproof and ultra-light is just an added bonus with the space age look.

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