Garth Brooks rocked Boise's Albertson's Stadium this weekend. If you missed the concert we have some highlights for you in this video we are about to share. Garth Brooks shared his love and experience while playing in Boise and with Blake Shelton.

Blake Shelton and Garth Brooks performed "Dive Bar" on Friday night and the crowd went crazy. Blake the got the chance to woo the crowd while playing "God's Country" and it was a great experience. These two definitely looked like they were having a great time together and some of the photos captured were even more amazing.

So this video is pretty long, if you want kind of a shorter version: Blake admits his deep love for Garth Brooks (he says he loves him like 10 times), Garth shares his love and admiration of Blake Shelton (he says he is the nicest guy like 10 times) and Trisha Yearwood comes out expressing to everyone he is hers. Also, Blake has become Mr. Stefani apparently.

Garth Brooks said he enjoyed the culture and the people here in Boise, they were a great crowd. I was there, I have to admit we were a pretty great crowd. But, it was a pretty amazing show.

BONUS: Here is the video of Blake and Garth performing "Dive Bar"

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