The radio station here is kind of like a mini zoo. We have horses, chickens, cats, rock chucks, and we've had a turkey roaming around. But, the best part is when someone brings in their puppies! Dogs in the office can be like adding rainbows and sunshine to your day.

Good news - Friday the 22nd of June is PSI's Take Your Dog to Work Day. Bad news - not all workplace establishments allow dogs on site. So, before you decide to bring your dog-o to work on Friday, make sure to check with your boss if that is acceptable.

If you don't have a pup that you can snuggle and bring to work, there are a number of adoptable ones right now at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter.

There is even an official song for Take Your Dog To Work to say though that we won't be playing it on our station, so you'll have to listen to it here.

Bringing your dog to work isn't as easy to do as it is to say - there is usually preparation needed to make a workplace safe for dogs. Pet Sitter's International has a handy toolkit to help you prepare your business to host dogs.

Are you taking a dog to work on Friday?

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