During the winter, many from around the country will travel to hit the slopes and experience a winter vacation where they can ski, snowboard, and enjoy time in the mountains. Living in Idaho, we are blessed with not having to plan a trip around it, as the mountains are close enough that you can take a half day at work and hit the slopes, or go every weekend if you choose. While those who don't live here assume that everybody in Idaho probably knows how to ski or snowboard, that isn't the case. Some have moved here recently and have never been in a place to learn, and others have been here for years or decades and have never taken the time for lessons. If you have never been on a set of skis or a snowboard, it's time to learn so you can finally join your friends and family on the slopes this winter.

Free Skiing and Snowboarding Lessons

Lex Valishvili - Unsplash
Lex Valishvili - Unsplash

If you are someone who has never been on a snowboard or skis in your life but have always wanted to learn how to, this is the weekend for you in the Magic Valley. Free lessons are happening at Pomerelle this Saturday, for their free learn to ski day. You must be 7 and older, and the lessons are for 'never-evers,' meaning you have never ever attempted to learn or taken any type of lessons. You must register online by noon on Friday, December 15, which you can do so, by clicking this link. Check-in will begin at 9 AM on Saturday, and lessons will begin at 10:30 AM and last until around noon. While the lesson is free, there is a $5 charge for your RFID card. This is a great way for your children to learn, or yourself. Perhaps it can be a bonding experience with your child, as you learn together. 

Snowboarding and Skiing in Idaho

Credit: Maarten Duineveld on Unsplash
Credit: Maarten Duineveld on Unsplash

While living in Idaho does offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy the mountains, not everyone has the time or the money to do so. If money is one of the reasons you have been putting off lessons and investing in being a skier or snowboarder, this is the perfect chance to find out if it is something you would enjoy or not. You could attend the lessons and find out you aren't coordinated enough for either, or perhaps you don't enjoy it, or can't find the balance. You could get out there and be a natural and find out you have missed years of fun and become someone who wants to go all the time. These lessons are a great way to find out because it'll only cost you $5, your morning, and gas to get there. After the lessons, you can sit at home, knowing you tried and it wasn't for you, or you could end up redoing your schedule to get to the mountains more this winter to practice more.  

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Don't put off learning to ski or snowboard any longer. You aren't going to find cheaper lessons than these, and it is time to find out if it is something you want to do, or to give up on the dream of skiing and snowboarding every winter. Click the link above, register, and enjoy learning how to ski and snowboard this weekend, or watching your children learn, so they can join you this winter.

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