Summer officially begins on June 21st. Temperatures are already reaching 90 degrees. How can this battle have already come to our doorstep? Is there any reprieve from the menace that is Summer? There’s a chance for Idaho to have a moment of chill. A moment of chill is great, but wait, there’s more. What about if that moment of chill was FREE?

That’s right. Every person in Idaho can have a free Frazil every Friday in June. What is a Frazil you ask? I’m so glad the question has been posed. I bought a few Frazil to show you.

Kat's Phone/Canva
Kat's Phone/Canva

Okay, so that didn’t work out as planned. I may have accidentally consumed the whole thing before I took the picture, but it was hot on the 3 block drive home and I was thirsty. They were super tasty and cold, I promise. I did find out some information, though.

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Frazil was created in Utah from the humble beginnings of shaved ice. Through experimentation, the final product of Frazil was completed. Now, there are 20,000 machines across the nation. There’s even a locator to find one near you. There are 13 in Twin Falls alone.


There are too many flavors to try for one per Friday since there are only 4 Fridays left. Maybe if you find 4 other people whose germs you trust, a compromise of trade and taste can be arranged. This is not recommended unless you already share germs with these persons, but perhaps extra straws can be utilized.

It’s for free awesomeness. Sacrifices and ingenuity are required.

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