With the strange way the economy is changing, people look for any way to save that they can. Processes to inform customers of savings have moved from the circulars in the Wednesday paper to digital coupons and social media notifications. It is going to take a bit more work to save for Twin Falls bread lovers.

Where Can Twin Falls Grocery Shoppers Save on Bread?

When people in Twin Falls want delicious Franz Bakery products they can go to a grocery store, or they can save big by heading to the outlet store. Everyone in the house knows that a trip to ‘the bread store’ means extra food coming home. The savings make it possible to stretch every paycheck and feed the army waiting impatiently back at the home barracks.

Even with the spectacular prices that the outlet store offers, they have savings on top of the savings. There are specials that go on just like at the grocery stores. But the way we are informed of these savings is changing. No longer will Franz Bakery Outlet patrons in Twin Falls have notifications on Facebook as to the newest specials.

If the page closes, here's what it said:

Good morning all of our amazing customers, thank you to the 2k of you who have supported and helped us grow over the last year, some BIG NEWS for you on this sunny day.
We have been told we are no longer allowed to make posts advertising about our store moving forward. (Please note this was not a decision made by us at the twin falls location, we have enjoyed spreading the news of great sales far and wide) To keep in the know about our sales please call or stop on buy our location.
We ARE NOT CLOSING just are no longer allowed to make social media posts to support our store.
This page will be suspended or taken down in 48hours

People can call for specials, go in the store to see what is on special, or perhaps friends can make a social media chain to share sale information on their own.

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This is an inconvenience to be sure, but it should not dissuade consumers from frequenting the establishment. Franz Bakery Outlet still has the best prices in town.

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