Former Canyon Ridge High School student who goes by the name of Ysa just released a new single called "Can I" and I can't stop listening to it. You have to hear how amazing her voice is.

Seriously, I am in awe of her voice. She absolutely slayed this song and even though the song is a bit repetitive I would not even be a little surprised if this song were to be aired on the radio. It has a great beat, it is catchy and her vocal range is pretty amazing. She is definitely someone who could use a little home town love. You have to check out her song. I tried to look up more information about her but she doesn't have a ton out there right now.

She may be a "newbie" on the music scene but she has such a mature voice that you can get lost in. Plus, she is kind of stunning. If this is her first single, which was technically released on January 26th on YouTube and it has almost 200 views that is a decent sign of good things to come I think. With the home town love maybe we can get her to go viral.

She may be from a small town in the middle of Idaho but it sounds to me like she has the talent to make it. Looking forward to seeing if a full album is going to be on the way any time soon.

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