Custom Ink via the Daily Snark

Well, according to this study, "America's Team," might be the San Francisco 49ers. Even more intriguing, is the fact the study insinuates there are more Niners fans in Idaho than Broncos or Seahawks. Really?

The study, conducted by Custom Ink, breaks down America's favorite out-of-state teams, using Google search information. Who would have thought Alaskans are die-hard Colts fans? I'm not sure how sound this data is, but if correct, the Dallas Cowboys are not appearing to be the country's most beloved team, and where's the love for teams like the Green Bay Packers.

Custom Ink via The Daily Snark

Since moving to Idaho in 2016, I can't say I've really seen a lot of Niners hats or T-shirts in Twin Falls. The Packers, Seahawks, Broncos and Eagles seem to have a large local following. I can tell you there are NOT many Giants fans in California either, having spent over 40 years living through the state.

As far as college football teams go, where's the love for Boise State. If the Broncos didn't exist, would Idaho really call Army their favorite team?

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