Not everyone has the luxury of having family a short drive away coming in for Thanksgiving. Some guests fly in just for the opportunity to break bread at your abode. Perhaps they want to bring a favorite homemade dish to share. Perhaps there are plenty of leftovers to take back. How does the food get transported?

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Unruly people have ruined airplane holiday food transport for everyone. Before you try to bring a special taste of home to a faraway friend, take care of what you take to carry on. After the big day, make sure to know what can go back in your special lunch pail for the flight home. No telling how much food the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is going to confiscate. What special holiday foods are on the no-fly list?

What Thanksgiving Foods Will TSA Let Fly?

It’s no joke. People are doing internet searches on what food they can bring through airport security. This doesn’t mean you can’t take them in checked baggage, though. Just remember some things may not stay at safe food temperatures.

Credit Daily Meal
Credit Daily Meal

If you want cranberry sauce for the turkey or gravy on them ‘taters, you’ll have to see about getting them packed away. Might as well pack away up to 5 liters of scotch, rum, vodka, and whiskey in checked luggage. Canned fruits, veggies, jams, and jellies are all also not going through security.


If you’re looking to take a doggy bag on the plane ride home, go for the green bean casserole. The turkey, rolls, and stuffing will be a nice snack. The kids can throw a munch on some mac ‘n cheese along with fresh mainland fruits and veggies dipped in 3.4 ounces or less of creamy cheeses or dip.

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