It is never for something good that flags need to fly at half-staff. Flying flags at half-staff is a way for our nation and state to show mourning. Here in Idaho, Governor Brad Little has decided that we should honor people who have lost their lives recently in Israel.

'Idaho stands firmly with our ally, Israel. We wholly support Israel's defensive actions against the terrorist actions of Hamas. Idahoans, join me in praying for peace,' Governor Little said.

Flags will be set at half-staff until sunset on Friday, October 13th. It is not just in solidarity with Israel that Governor Little issued this order. American citizens lost their lives in this attack as well.

How Did the Recent Attack Begin That Killed American Citizens in Israel?

Hamas is an Islamist organization that began in 1987. They contend that Israel is an occupying power and should not have rights over Palestinian territories.

After Hamas militants launched missiles into Israel Saturday morning, it took 2 days to get fighting in the streets under control. The attacks are being called ‘Al-Aqsa Storm’ by Hamas, who killed civilians as well as soldiers and are currently holding hostages. It is believed 100-150 hostages are being held in Gaza right now.

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As of October 10th, this violence has resulted in more than 1,000 deaths in Israel and over 900 in Gaza. Gaza has nearly 2 million Palestinians living there that have fallen under Hamas control in 2007. Since Hamas took control, Israel has maintained an air and naval blockade of Gaza.

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