HOLLISTER, Idaho (KLIX) – A rural brush fire started and was contained on Sunday.

The Bureau of Land Management assisted the Salmon Tract Rural Fire Department to fight the blaze, which was determined to be contained at 46 acres, said Kelsey Brizendine, spokeswoman for the BLM.

Another fire the BLM has been working on is the West Magic Fire near Magic Reservoir. That fire, she said, burned only about an acre. “It’s pretty much contained,” she said, noting control is estimated at 9 p.m. today.

There’s also a fire southeast of Carey that Brizendine said is estimated at more than 3,000 acres. Another source said it was estimated 4,500 acres.

“We have aircraft doing a map of it right now,” she said Monday morning, “but from the ground we’re guessing it’s about 3,500 acres.”

She said control of the Spud Butte Fire isn’t expected until Wednesday night.

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