The talented team at CineFix have dropped another franchise into an NES-style time warp, but this time the action is a little more Fast and Furious.

The Fast and the Furious makes a surprisingly natural transition into the 8-bit universe, becoming part Double Dragon brawler, part Mach Rider, and even part Outrun (yes, we recognized that red convertible — nice touch, CineFix). We also like how each of the film's characters is represented by an anime-style drawing instead of a pixelated version of the actor's face. Pixelated Vin Diesel would just be weird.

Just like The Walking Dead, we now wish that someone would make The Fast and The Furious into a real 8-bit game, as this looks like something we could spend hours enjoying. In fact, the entire 8-Bit Cinema library is filled with movies and TV shows that would make for excellent NES games: ScarfaceGuardians of the Galaxy, etc.

We know we've had stuff like Shovel Knight and other retro-style games in the past, but retro-style licensed games might be the next big step. Think about it: some of the best licensed games ever made (and some of the worst) were back in the NES/SNES/Genesis days, and licensed games now aren't exactly knocking people's socks off (the only real good ones are Lego or Telltale Games), so why not take those licenses and try to rekindle that retro licensed magic?