I don't think this is surprising at all. On MSN, they compiled a list of the best bacon in each state. Idaho's best bacon was undoubtedly and easily named Falls Brand.

Falls Brand is definitely some of the best bacon I have ever had in my life. Granted, I am not sure I have ever had BAD bacon but seriously. Bacon is life and the Twin Falls local company got the title for best bacon in the state. I would dare say they should be the best bacon in the west if not the United States, but I digress.

Falls Brand has been in Twin Falls since 1904 and has been making people's mouths water since. They are also more than just bacon. Falls Brand has some pretty delicious hams, sausage, hot dogs and smoked meats. After I had a Falls Brand hot dog over a camp fire I have not been able to eat any brand since.

Mmm Falls Brand. Congratulations on taking home the win for Idaho. Around the area, Nevada's best bacon was Butcher Boy Meat Market in Reno Nevada. That isn't too far maybe it is worth a try. In Oregon the best bacon was Carlton Farms. In Montana Daily's Bacon out of Missoula was named number one. I haven't tried any of these but now my goal is to try every bacon on this list and find the best in the country because, bacon.

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