Even if you hate football, the NFL or the Super Bowl, now there is something to look forward to if the game goes into over time. Buffalo Wild Wings has announced that if the game goes into OT everyone gets free wings.

Yes, that literally means everyone. Buffalo Wild Wings said that if the Super Bowl goes into overtime then on Monday February 17th from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. customers will be privy to one free order of boneless or traditional snack sized wings. Apparently a snack size is 5/6 chicken wings.

You can bet on so many different things on the Super Bowl from how long the National Anthem is going to be to whether or not the coin toss is going to be heads or tails. Now, you can root for an overtime game so you can get your free wings.

In NFL history however, there has only been one time that the Super Bowl has gone into overtime.

I am not sure that even if the Super Bowl does go in to overtime I might not want to fight the crowds to get myself some free wings. Although, wings and the big game goes hand in hand. That and pizza rolls and nachos and dip; pretty much anything that is finger food and terrible for you. Any other bets you feel like placing on the game has to be done in Jackpot.

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