Puppies are awesome. We, the people of Idaho, do love us some dogs. Between hunting, companion, or service dogs, Idaho has to be considered a dog-friendly state. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, Idaho has a dog ownership rate of just over 58 percent. The proof is in the statistics. Idaho loves dogs.

Who Wouldn't Love a Sweet New Furry Face In Idaho?

Some particular people may not love or at least own dogs in Idaho. That’s perfectly understandable. Allergies play a big role in dog-loving households. Children may be afraid of dogs, so parents refrain from ownership. Another group of people that may not appreciate our canine buddies? Criminals.

Power County Sheriff’s Office has a new addition to the force and he couldn’t be cuter. In many cases, remarking on the looks of a new officer in training may be considered in poor taste, but this time an exception must be made. Everyone brace for cuteness impact. Zeus has entered the story.

As you can see, there’s a new face to squish. Sweet puppy slobber and playtime aside, this little monster has a big job ahead. Zeus has a work schedule to keep. He’ll be training with Power County Deputy Cardona to detect illegal narcotics. Then it’s a full life of service to his community. Lawbreakers beware, the whole package of looks and talent is soon to hit the streets.

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Once he’s out of his work uniform, make sure to talk with his partner and see if a good game of ball and a scratch behind his ears is acceptable. Hats off to the partners of K-9 officers everywhere. That relationship is a special one. It takes discipline on the human’s part to not smoosh kisses and play all day.

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