Governor Little pushed Idaho back to a modified stage 2 a few weeks ago and now two mask mandates have failed to pass. The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office responded to their ability to enforce the new guidelines put in place as being part of stage 2.

In Stage 2 the governor does not want more than 10 people joining together in public or private. The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office has been asked about public gatherings and face masks. Their response about enforceability was pretty clear.

Basically, the Twin Falls Sheriff's Officers are already spread pretty thin. They will prioritize calls based on severity of the crime. They encourage people to wear a mask if they want to, they ask people who do not want to wear a mask to find establishments that do not require them.

They also stated they would not be going around looking for people who have ten cars parked outside of their homes to enforce the mandate. If there is another issue with a group of ten in a private situation that requires the police to call they will act based on the situation that is the most threatening.

They also ask that if you can socially distance outside, please do so. Basically, these officers are busy worrying about people and saving lives if they can. Be responsibly and have a happy Thanksgiving with your family.

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