The Gyro Shop in Downtown Twin Falls has posted that the business is for sale. Now we aren't sure exactly what it means for the future of the shop, just that the location itself is up for sale.

The Gyro Shop in Downtown Twin Falls is one of my favorite places to stop for lunch. The description of the business says the busiest times for that location are lunch and early dinner from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

All equipment, furniture and inventory actually comes with the sale price of $735 per month. That seems like a pretty good deal to me because furniture and inventory are some of the most expensive things when starting up a sit down restaurant.

They also said the monthly space includes utilities which are power, gas, garbage, water and sewer. With Downtown Twin Falls getting all the upgrades I also feel like that is a pretty great price for the location. There are so many new things coming to the area.

I am really sad that the Gyro shop is up for sale. I am not sure if it means the shop is going to close down of if the restaurant is moving locations. Currently you can still go in and get some delicious Gyros. The restaurant is open at 11 a.m. and you can order take out and delivery. They also have home made hummus.

If you are interested in getting yourself some Greek food, you may want to order some sooner rather than later because if the store front sells, who knows what the future of the restaurant is.

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