Over the past several years many Californians have been moving to Idaho. No matter how much Idahoans complain about it, it will continue to happen. Idaho offers cheaper housing, better job opportunities, and overall cheaper living. It is relatively close to California which makes it appealing as well. While Idaho makes plenty of sense to move to for anyone looking to bolt out of California, it is not the best option, as one state sticks out among all others in the country, and is where Californians should be flocking to.

Where to Move to If Leaving California

Credit: LuckyBusiness
Credit: LuckyBusiness

While many are leaving the Golden State, it isn't as simple as saying I want to move out of California. While not from there, I did live in California for a short period, and it was tough to go to another place for a few reasons. The weather is nice, there is no doubting that. The beach is appealing, even if you don't have time to enjoy it, but it is nice seeing it randomly some days. There is much to do, such as Sea World in San Diego, Disneyland in Anaheim, and sporting events, and the food is incredible. Most places will seem boring compared to California because of there being so much. So why are so many moving to Idaho? There is only one place in the country that can compare, and that is Florida. 

Moving From California to Florida

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Some may say that Florida is too much like California and that the residents on the West Coast want something different, but too many have moved to Idaho and claimed they are bored or there isn't enough to do. Florida is typically cheaper than California but also much of the same that many desire. Instead of Disneyland, they have Disney World, which is bigger and better. There are beaches, and the water is warmer than in California. There is Sea World, Zoos, Universal Studios, and plenty to do. There are many sports options, concerts happening frequently, and a great nightlife. There is a lack of mountains, but it is the most comparable to California than any other state and is where Californians should be moving. 

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For all those considering moving to Idaho, or if you are already living in Idaho and regretting your decision, pack up your bags and move to the East Coast. Idaho is nice, but many Idahoans would prefer Californians not move to the Gem State, and Florida is a great landing spot instead.

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